Established in 2009, Lonesome Chris Todd and The Hardchargers began creating exciting new chapters in Northern Ireland’s long history as a cauldron of energy and innovation at the furthest edge of the British Isles’ blues experience.

Eschewing the standard covers, The Hardchargers are an electric power trio steeped in inspiration from the greats of the pre-electric blues – Blind Willie McTell, Blind Willie Johnson, Bukka White and Willie Brown, et al. to the progenitors of electric blues such as Lightnin Hopkins, Howlin’ Wolf and Frankie Lee Simms. Their live set is an electrifying reimagining of all of the above, combined with the lyricism of Chris Todd’s real-world blues and a musical language exquisitely refined from all of Blues/Roots and Rock history since from the instrumental styles of Dick Dale, Lonnie Mack and Link Wray to the 60’s Blues/Rock of Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and Rory Gallagher to the modern Texas blues of Albert Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Smokin’ Joe Kubek.  The Hardchargers' original sound reflects the multi-hued texture, energy and unfettered emotional power common in the music of these artists and many, many others.  The Hardchargers' live set can take the listener on a journey through sounds at once familiar and yet fresh and exotic at the same time.

Northern Ireland has long had the blues – from its head down to its shoes. Lonesome Chris Todd, from the small town of Ballyclare in County Antrim, has always been an ‘out-of-towner’ - literally and metaphorically both a part of the scene and single-mindedly outside it, forging his own path and staying true to his unique musical vision, which comes from a lifetime spent immersed in music. With his long running project, The Hardchargers, that path has led to an annual itinerary of 80–90 gigs a year the length and breadth of Ireland, with routine repeat bookings and four self-released singles and EPs prior to the nationally-released debut album Scarecrow in January 2018. The Hardchargers have been repeat guests at numerous Irish festivals including Monaghan’s Harvest Time Blues Festival, Wicklow’s Knockanstockan Festival, and the Hilden Brewery Festival, Lisburn, opening for ‘popular’ artists such as the Waterboys and Alabama 3 at shows in some of Northern Ireland’s biggest venues along the way.

In May 2018, Scarecrow was followed up by the release of the limited edition live album, And Now…Live at The Belfast Empire featuring the trio augmented by the talents of Scott Flanigan on Organ/Keys.  In July and August 2018, following appearances at Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival, the Limavady Jazz and Blues Festival and Arts Centres around Northern Ireland, the band completed a successful 1,900-mile club tour of England from Bideford in Devon through to Darwen in Lancashire.  Plans are afoot for Lonesome Chris to revisit Britain more frequently with trips to Europe and further afield also in the pipeline.

In October 2018, Lonesome Chris Todd will be recording the predominantly acoustic Dark Horses solo EP as a prelude to further realising his musical vision with a second full-length studio album, evolving the sound to capture a larger range of human emotions and musical experience reflecting his own continual evolution.  As 2019 approaches, Lonesome Chris can be found working on several new songs and instrumental compositions en route to making his long-term vision for The Hardchargers a reality.

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